Day 3 in Sakila

Friday morning, woke up at 4:30 to singing and rain. The rain is highly unusual during the dry season. The singing is usual because the 1 st church service starts at 4am each morning. I haven’t made it yet but neither has the team. Mt. Kilimanjaro has been seen 35 miles away in parts ,due to haze and clouds. Have completed 2 bookcases and wood cut and ready to assemble for 3rd, wood for 4th and fifth mostly belt sanded and ready for final sand before cutting sections. It is a process. Mitre box, router, bits, bisquit jointer, glue and jigsaw no longer reside here. So bookcase construction plans have been modified mostly with circular saw precision and straight board, ha! That’s just the way I like it.
The days are around 72 degrees and nights 55. Slight overcast till about noon then blue sky except around mt Kilimanjaro, of course. Have tried to take Picts but do not show up well.
Have I mentioned cold showers are rough in morning.
The clinic had it’s first day of operation and saw 75-100 people. Turned away around 50 asked them to return in morning. Gave them numbers so we would see them first. Really hard on team to turn people away, especially doctor and dentist. I went up to help after lunch to entertain crowd waiting outside with puzzles, crayons coloring book, monkey, dog and donkey hats. Had 3 or 4 magic tricks and puppet Ricky Raccoon in trash can that came out only when the kids sang.
Pator Mark mentioned to me that there may be a possibility for me to teach how to build bookcases 1 day at the trade school in Arusha , wonder if they have tools? Will be exciting, all my jokes will be new again! I wasn’t at the workshop for more then an hour before they started asking for my shocking pen, remembered from 4 years ago.
Handed out pictures of people from last trip in 2010 at coffee time on Thursday and that went over big found home for 40 of the 50 pictures I brought.
Mr Tagiri and I re connected ( buddy posing with me on face book page) he still wears my pony tail hat I gave him. Yes I remembered his wurthers. Food has been pretty good no one is going hungry. Rice and noodles with a chicken or beef broth/ soup sauce thingy along with some stinkin vegetables and fruit. Bought a case of soda for the team for lunch on the 1st day of clinic cost 16200 shilling about 10 bucks. Was a good idea. Basically we drink water tea or coffee. not real coffee but it works.
Want to Thank everyone for your continued prayers and also apologize for not having pictures to share, the Internet connection is slower then dial up and only 1 person at a time can connect or it crashes and then takes a long time to re connect.
I think they were able to get a few Picts on the main team blog that is on word press.
Tammy, can you give instructions to my Tanzania2014 group on how to get there?

Love and kisses everyone!

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